Chef Vincent Ng

Discovering his love for cooking at a tender age, Chef Vincent has since developed a keen sense for the finer things in life. This is strongly reflected in his works of culinary art, creating multi-textural dishes that intrigues the palate with flavour. Like an artist creating depths and form with a myriad of colours, Chef Vincent turns simple ingredients into elaborate dishes through different culinary treatments.

Chef Vincent honed his bold and inventive style of cooking in some Singapore’s well-known establishments such as the Marina Bay Sands and Marina Mandarin Hotel. He had even worked alongside and was a mentee of the late renown “Chef Of the Century”, Chef Joël Robuchon! With a knack for western cuisines, Chef Vincent has since garnered several awards such as a silver medal at a FHA Singapore Gourmet Team Challenge in 2018 and bronze at the Lee Kum Kee Singapore Culinary Challenge. He was also spotted showcasing his creations at international pop music icon, Celine Dion’s concert!

Chef Vincent is currently based in Singapore office. Click here to learn more about Chef Vincent.