A memorable evening with 2-star Michelin Chef Olivier Bellin

La belle France comes to Asia

Two Michelin Star Chef Olivier Bellin, who is also the owner of L’Auberge des Glazicks restaurant in Plomodiern, France was invited by Angliss to prepare two Chef’s Tables featuring ingredients from Angliss, Gourmet Partner Singapore and Gourmet Cuisine (Hong Kong). The Chef’s Tables – one in Hong Kong and the other in Singapore – were eagerly anticipated and Chef Bellin did not disappoint. The exquisite meals he served delighted everyone, leaving everyone hankering for more of Chef Bellin’s one-of-a-kind cuisine. We caught up with Chef Bellin in Singapore to find out more about this extraordinary chef.

Can you tell us more about your experience when preparing for the Chef’s Table in Hong Kong and Singapore?

The ingredients were excellent and I was very pleased to have the opportunity to create a menu with them. In fact, I was really glad and surprised to see such high-quality products so far away from my country.

The langoustine was simply beautiful and the oysters’ fine flesh provided just the right texture for the palate. I found the texture of the wagyu different from French beef but I have to say, the wagyu is extraordinary. It was unctuous – rich and superbly pleasurable to bite into. The wagyu was incredibly tender, and one could almost cut it like butter. Amazing! The caviar was subliminal and the taste lingered delightfully in the mouth. The delectable foie gras and lobster had wonderful texture and splendid full-bodied flavour.

I understand that both Chef’s Tables received marvellous feedback from the guests. Any plans to add these dishes to your restaurant’s menu?

Thank you for the compliments! I’m happy to hear that the guests enjoyed the meal. Some of the dishes which I served are on the menu but I was inspired by being in Asia and I customised them to excite the local palates. Instead of preparing merely an Asian version of my dishes, I blended the best of Brittany and Asia to come up with these dishes.

Have you sampled any local cuisine in Hong Kong and Singapore?

It has been a week of hard work and intense preparation, so I have not had the chance to visit as much as I would have liked. A friend brought me to Chinatown and I had some dim sum. I hope to visit Asia again and try more of the local food. Now that I’ve stepped foot in Asia, it’ll be hard to bid this fascinating continent farewell for long.

I would like to express my gratitude to Angliss for giving me this opportunity. I would not have achieved all this without the warm welcome and strong support from the Angliss teams in Hong Kong and Singapore.