A night with Frank Kilian at The Atlantic

In view of Angliss’ recent major rebranding exercise, a contest was held with Epicure magazine to increase the public awareness of our new logo and its meaning. The first week of October ended in style for a lucky winner of this contest, aptly named – “Guess what the word 安 stands for”.

Winner Jacqueline Ho, and 3 of her invited guests were treated to an evening of fine food and good wine in their own private room at the Atlantic Restaurant of the Tower Club.

The menu was specially prepared by renowned celebrity chef Frank Kilian. It featured Angliss’ delectable ingredients, such as 1855 beef, tuna and foie gras. The chef’s mastery over these ingredients, ensured that the lucky guests had their taste buds tantalised throughout the evening.

Angliss Singapore Pte Ltd is happy to have hosted this special evening, and once again would like to congratulate Jacqueline and her fellow diners.