Our History

Angliss was established in Liverpool (circa 1948) by the Vestey family. Under the name “The Malayan Refrigerating Company”, the butchery business grew into an import and distribution of food to the Southeast Asian region. Although known for its supply of beef products from the Vestey’s cattle rearing and processing in New Zealand, Australia and Brazil, Angliss chose to divest these units and realign operations in the mid-1990s to diversify its product offering and supplier base. This strategic move positioned it to become a leading foodservice company in the new millennia.

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In 2007, Angliss was bought over by the International Bidvest Group and became a part of Bidvest Asia Pacific, expanding its reach to encompass Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Macau and Singapore. In 2016, foodservice operations of Bidvest, including Angliss, were separately listed as another entity and renamed as Bidcorp.

Today, Angliss is one of Singapore’s trusted leading gourmet purveyors, providing a comprehensive suite of top-shelf quality products ranging from chilled meats, seafood, and gourmet produce to over 3000 customers in Singapore alone. As a one-stop solution for any and all food supplies with its diverse divisions, Angliss is the ideal partner for restaurants, cafes, small eateries, and Michelin-starred establishments alike.


About Bidfood

Bidfood is an international broad-line foodservice group, listed on the JSE, South Africa, and present in developed and developing economies in five continents.  Focused on foodservice, the business comprises a mix of well-established leading and rapidly growing market positions, offering significant future upside. The profile of the customer base is strategically targeted to fully service the foodservice industry’s needs.

Angliss is part of this big group with strong financial support and worldwide network.

For more information, visit www.bidcorpgroup.com

The Angliss Grade

Entering a new era of food service

75 years in the food trading business has taught us that staying relevant to our customers is as important as supplying them with fresh food. With a rising demand for quality customer service, we recognise that we have to reposition ourselves to lead that change in the food trade. We don’t just serve food – we serve people.

The secret ingredient for success

We believe in sincerely investing in all our relationships, be it nurturing current ones or growing new ones. We will do whatever it takes to serve customers so that they do not have to face the challenges of food procurement alone. We are not just the middlemen in the supply chain – we have and will continue equipping ourselves to work alongside our customers in the forefront of their industry, in their restaurants and their kitchens if we must.

Serving those who serve great food

We’re passionate about food, and about the service that comes with it. Angliss understands that our customers require a food supplier they can trust to bring in great quality food while solving procurement challenges and filling in operational gaps. We step into the role of being that reliable ‘extra pair of hands’ and remain committed to serving the people who serve others.

Our Logo

The Angliss logo was created as a hand-scripted signature to convey sincerity and quiet confidence. With a traditional gold seal marking at the end of our name, it is a promise of quality and peace of mind derived from the root word “安” in our Chinese name “安得利”. It represents our commitment to finding the perfect product solutions for our customers; a personal endorsement of the service quality we believe you deserve.

Angliss Singapore

Our Facilities

As professional food suppliers, the Angliss Singapore headquarters is well-equipped with its own 5,000-tonne cold room, processing facilities and a test kitchen on-site to deliver the highest quality foods to its clientele. And true to its roots, Angliss remains well-known for its temperature-controlled halal and non-halal food products and excellent customer and delivery services, with an efficient call-centre and a fleet of 52 refrigerated trucks.

Quality Control

Angliss’ mission is to ensure that each product meets a defined set of standards in food safety and product quality to satisfy customers’ expectations and regulatory requirements.

Our Quality Assurance team is continually developing comprehensive programs, guidelines and procedures to cover all the aspects of our food service business, such as supplier management, production, packaging and distribution.   This promotes food quality and safety from ‘Farm to Fork’ across the supply chain, ensuring utmost confidence and trust to our consumers.

The major functions of Quality Assurance in Angliss include compliance with legal requirements, scheduled testing & sampling, record of legal documentation, continuous improvement in food quality & safety, etc. All of these disciplines work together to assure that the food delivered to customers are of the highest quality and integrity.

Not only are we HACCP and ISO22000 accredited externally, we welcome our customers to visit or audit us, to continually evaluate our performance on food safety and quality. Our aim is to achieve the highest product and service standards.

Halal Certified

Angliss is certified Halal in MUIS’ Storage and Product Schemes. Designated storage rooms, product crates and delivery trucks’ compartment are dedicated to strictly house Halal products only in order to ensure compliance with MUIS’ standards and requirements.

Under the Product Scheme, specially assigned Halal rooms are allowed to process Halal meat approved by MUIS. Afterwhich, these end-products will be registered and certified Halal again by MUIS.

This attends to the needs of our Muslim community, as well as providing greater ease of mind when exporting to overseas Muslim markets.

HACCP Certified

Angliss Singapore has adopted the internationally accepted model of quality control – Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), designed to provide increased control and monitoring during the critical stages of food processing. Periodic quality audits of the programme are conducted to ensure strict compliance and effectiveness at all times.

ISO 22000:2018

Angliss Singapore was ISO22000:2018 accredited for our Food Safety Management Systems which meet food industry expectation.

The management system designed to enable organizations to control food safety hazards along the food chain in order to ensure that food is safe at the time of consumption.

It assurance that food will not cause harm to the consumer when it is prepared or eaten according to its intended use.

Certified Sustainable Seafood

Angliss Singapore was awarded the Certified Sustainable Seafood by MSC. Consumers can be assured that they will get the best premium quality seafood products which meet the MSC expectation.
Sustainable seafood certification is a means of communicating to consumers that a seafood product sold in stores and restaurants was harvested in a sustainable manner. Sustainable seafood often has an added premium which is used to cover the cost to fisherman in harvesting seafood sustainably instead of haphazardly.