Angliss Is The Official Distributor For The Vegetarian Butcher

We are pleased to announce that Angliss Singapore Pte Ltd is the newly appointed distributor for The Vegetarian Butcher!

From December 2020, meat-eaters and flexitarians had another reason to rejoice:  Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) brought an internationally renowned meat-substitute brand – The Vegetarian Butcher – to Singapore!

The range of alternative meat products from Unilever Food Solutions is sure to attract new diners wanting a more sustainable lifestyle. With products ranging from chicken chunks to burger patties, The Vegetarian Butcher gives you the versatility to create new dishes and expand your menu.

The Vegetarian Butcher’s range of products are also made using quality ingredients that does not compromise on taste and texture. Delight your diners with each bite they take with dishes made from The Vegetarian Butcher, while helping them get their intake of proteins and fibre.

Deliver a whole new gastronomical experience to your diners with The Vegetarian Butcher!

Enquire about The Vegetarian Butcher’s products and request a sample today!