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FHA 2022

It has been a long time waiting for Food&HotelAsia (FHA) to take place again, with a two year interlude becoming a long four years. Angliss Singapore is a regular exhibitor at FHA, and we were beyond excited to be back and take part in the event this year.


Being the key food & beverage event in Asia, FHA is the best platform for us to feature new-to-market innovations, obtain customer feedback, form strategic alliances and even do a little first-hand market research. After the long drought of COVID-19, we feel that face-to-face connections are more important than ever before. This event was a great way for us to meet new partners and customers alike.


FHA 2022 saw 50,000 registered visitors. Needless to say, our booth was one of the event’s hotspots. There was never a dull or quiet moment; crowds of people came and went while the kitchen was busy with live chef demonstrations. These demonstrations were particularly special as we got to catch up with various chefs and see how they used our products in their culinary creations, and the bustle drew quite the crowd in!


The live chef demonstrations were just one of the ways we showed off our amazing range of quality products. We had the pleasure of partnering with over 40 brands – some of the finest that we were proud to share. A dedicated sales team for each brand and artistic product displays designed by Executive Chef Eddie Wong truly elevated every brand’s charm.


It was a tuly memorable event and great success. Thank you to the Angliss team, our partners, and all the chefs involved for helping us make this event one to remember for years to come!

Angliss Is The Exclusive Distributor For Five Founders Natural Australian Beef

We are excited to announce that we are the preferred partner and exclusive distributor for Five Founders in Singapore, with effect from 16 November 2021.

Five Founders is produced by the North Australian Pastoral Company (NAPCO), one of Australia’s largest cattle companies. In April 2019, Five Founders became Australia’s first carbon neutral certified beef, affirming the company’s 140-year commitment to ethical and sustainable farming, through sensitive management of both land and livestock.

Carbon neutrality is Five Founders’ first step towards its long-term plan of delivering a greener future for the planet. Being ‘carbon neutral’ means carbon emissions produced by Five Founders (cattle) from paddock to plate is balanced out by funding an equivalent amount of carbon savings elsewhere in the world – as their journey to net zero continues, reducing their footprint through operational initiatives, such as implementing various renewable energy solutions, planting legume-based crops and trialing feed additives that reduce methane emission from its cattle.

From paddock to plate, Five Founders beef is the first beef product to be certified carbon neutral in Australia.  Born and raised in northern Australia, free to roam across 6 million hectares of the most pristine, natural environment for 600 days and grain finished for 100 days, Five Founders has no added hormone and is distinctively juicy and tender, with a well-balanced buttery sweetness.  Its beef as nature intended.

So, for all you meat lovers who are climate conscious and looking to reduce your personal impact, Five Founders beef is your guilt-free pleasure, succulent and full of flavour – savour Five Founders, a carbon-conscious choice today.

Enquire with us now.

Angliss Is The Official Distributor For The Vegetarian Butcher

We are pleased to announce that Angliss Singapore Pte Ltd is the newly appointed distributor for The Vegetarian Butcher!

From December 2020, meat-eaters and flexitarians had another reason to rejoice:  Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) brought an internationally renowned meat-substitute brand – The Vegetarian Butcher – to Singapore!

The range of alternative meat products from Unilever Food Solutions is sure to attract new diners wanting a more sustainable lifestyle. With products ranging from chicken chunks to burger patties, The Vegetarian Butcher gives you the versatility to create new dishes and expand your menu.

The Vegetarian Butcher’s range of products are also made using quality ingredients that does not compromise on taste and texture. Delight your diners with each bite they take with dishes made from The Vegetarian Butcher, while helping them get their intake of proteins and fibre.

Deliver a whole new gastronomical experience to your diners with The Vegetarian Butcher!

Enquire about The Vegetarian Butcher’s products and request a sample today! 

Angliss Supporting Asian Masters once again!

Asian Masters returned for its seventh edition from March 1, 2019. This year-long gourmet festival has four major events: The Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao Best Asian Restaurant Awards, Gastronomic Treasures, Feast Asia and Mixology Asia.

The Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao Best Asian Restaurants Awards was held at Grand Hyatt Singapore on 1st April – based on the theme “Celebrating Asian Gastronomy”. The grand award ceremony hosted over 300 attendees and lauded a total of 33 bronze, 23 silver and 4 gold award winners. Angliss Singapore was delighted to be the official gourmet purveyor for the event!

In line with Angliss’ strong foodservice arm, our products were brought to life by stunning chefs from Singapore Chef Association and renowned culinary stars. National Beef and Pure South being the Official Beef and Official Lamb brands respectively for the event, the exceptional dishes created under these brands were the stars of chef’s creations that night. In addition, for the first time at Asian Master’s award ceremony, a myriad of seafood was served in sashimi style! It was an honour that Angliss’ newest private brand, Crussea, was highlighted as the Official Seafood for the night too! Attendees got to savour Crussea’s superior quality seafood decked on ice beds and served by our 2 Corporate Chef Eddie and Chef Elvin. Angel Bay, Batalle Candia, Dirafrost, FarmOrigin and Miumi Seafood were also amongst the many brands from Angliss that were whipped into the night’s epicurean spread, promising an exquisite, enjoyable dining experience for all.

It was truly a great platform for Angliss Singapore in showcasing our top grade products, celebrating the best of Asian cuisine, and supporting both local culinary masters and rising stars of the Asian culinary scene in their quest for culinary excellence.  

MasterClass with Chef Eric Neo – collaboration with MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2018

September 29th was an exciting day for Angliss Singapore as we hosted our very first Masterclass in collaboration with the MICHELIN Guide! It was an honour to have the Vice President of the prestigious Singapore Chef Association and Celebrity Executive Chef Eric Neo host the Masterclass.

Backed by years of experience as a chef and in menu creations, Chef Eric Neo curated a myriad of dishes specifically for this MasterClass. In the span of 2 hours, participants were in for a sensory treat as he worked his magic in the kitchen to prepare the much anticipated 4-course meal. Whether the ingredients were hauled from the land or sea, Chef Eric Neo dazzled the participants with his unique twist on each dish by infusing Western elements into traditionally well-known Eastern dishes – e.g. Chef Eric’s specialty, the Mongolian style braised pork belly with raisin slaw served in fried Mantou.

Aside from savouring chef’s creations on the spot, participants enjoyed the chance to interact with Chef Eric and gain answers to their burning questions. Chef Eric even imparted his own tips and tricks for a perfect dish plus ingrained in participants why quality ingredients played a crucial role in culinary creations. The Masterclass wrapped up on a sweet note with Häagen-Dazs ice cream as dessert as well as a group photo with Chef Eric for momento.

Overall, hosting a Masterclass was an unforgettable first experience and wonderful opportunity for Angliss to share our expertise and to continue empowering budding creators with our top-grade produce sourced internationally. 

Special thanks to our trade partners; Betagro, Duroc d’Olives, National Beef and Bone Roasters for their support in this MasterClass.

Matter of Taste – The Ultimate Fine Wine Experience

Founded in 1978 by Robert M. Parker, Jr., in 2018 Robert Parker Wine Advocate celebrates 40 years of unparalleled, unbiased, expert and comprehensive wine criticism. Considered essential reading by wine lovers since its inception, Robert Parker Wine Advocate has garnered the support from subscribers all over the world, with its independent guide reaching today’s leaders – executives, professionals and innovators. This became one of the reasons why Robert Parker Wine Advocate hosted Matter of Taste, a series of global events bringing the iconic wines of the world to their advocate members.

“Matter of Taste – The Ultimate Fine Wine Experience” returned for its 5th Singapore edition on Saturday 25th August 2018. Held at Regent Singapore, all wines featured at the Matter of Taste Singapore Grand Walkabout Tasting, Master Classes and dinner packages were nothing short of extraordinary, having been rated at RP90 points or above. Critics from the Robert Parker Wine Advocate Joe Czerwinski and Erin Brooks also graced the event, sharing their expertise at Master Classes held on that day.

Having excellent food is key to a refined wine tasting experience. Being one of the biggest food purveyors in the F&B industry, Angliss Singapore is elated to be the Preferred Ingredients Partner for such a prestigious event. Serving up simple sumptuous foods such as mini lamb burgers and high quality sliced Iberico pork canapé, these dishes turned out to be a great crowd-pleaser as they were immediately snapped up once served.

With local influential media representatives present at the event and attendees enthralled by local celebrities Edmund Chen and Xiang Yun, it was an awesome platform for Angliss Singapore to showcase the versatility of our premium products, and a good opportunity for greater interactions with the public to bring about greater brand awareness and understanding.

Angliss is the Official Food Partner for Sentosa GrillFest 2018

For the second year running, Sentosa’s signature gastronomic affair – Sentosa Grillfest Festival returns! 

From 13-29 July (Fridays to Sundays), Siloso Beach is transformed into a one-kilometre-long food haven with a mind-blowing range of dining options from over 27 establishments, featuring an ITE School of Hospitality Showcase (from 13 – 15 July), Sentosa F&B operators and Singapore’s very own second-generation hawkers!

With local acts such as The JumpStart, Pam Khi & The One Boy Band, AnchorBlanc and Doppelgangerz promising an unique gastronomic experience with good music, multiple Instagram-worthy hangout spots, and a plethora of food choices guaranteeing a great night out, it is indeed a wonderful opportunity not to be missed by Angliss. This will be our first collaboration with Sentosa Grillfest Festival as the official food partner. Visitors can come to our Angliss Gourmet Discovery (located at Sapphire Pavilion) to enjoy creating their own gastronomical experience.  That is, by selecting their desired cuisine off the menu and enjoy a live spectacle of their one-of-a-kind meal comes together right before their eyes as our Corporate Chefs skillfully manoeuvre throughout the pop-up kitchen onsite.

Crunch time at the Gourmet Discovery does not just stop at the pop-up kitchen. With the Angliss booth located at the Sapphire Pavilion, the vast sheltered space was a great opportunity for a retail area where visitors would be able to purchase Angliss’ products for their own home easy DIY cooking experience. A Haagen Daaz ice-cream retail pushcart was also onsite much to the delights for those with a sweet tooth or in need of a palate refresher.   

All in all, it was a night to remember for all; basking in an ambience of festivity with fairy lights, roaming entertainers, sensational culinary excitements, musical serenades and picturesque sea view! It was indeed a great platform and opportunity for Angliss to showcase our latest products and enhance brand awareness to the public.

FHA 2018 – Angliss Singapore Partners with Chefs from SCA & Bocuse d’Or


Food & Hotel Asia is Asia’s most comprehensive premier international food & hospitality trade show in the region. Throughout its 40 years of evolvement, this biennial event has proved to stay relevant to the Asian market needs, with the ability to cater to the diverse needs of its food and hospitality industry through an extensive assortment of products and services throughout 6 specialized sectors.

With over 78,000 trade attendees from over 100 countries, it was the perfect opportunity for Angliss Singapore to showcase what we do best and be the trendsetter in the F&B industry that inspires chefs in their culinary artistry and create opportunities for new partnerships.  With this year’s aesthetic concept budding from the idea of a food gallery, one of the booth’s main highlights had to be the extensive display of live, fresh seafood showcased in custom-made tanks.  This created the perfect photo taking moments and memories for visitors as they made their way around our booth specially organized to feature exquisite product displays in the order of meats, seafood, pastries, dairies, oils, and lastly, finger foods.

But the Angliss booth experience does not stop there. Visitors were in for a massive treat, with Angliss’ star-studded line of chefs from Singapore Chef Association and Bocuse d’Or making their appearance at Angliss’ booth to showcase their extraordinary culinary skills, and the chance to taste delectable treats at the end of each demo. Working from a built-in professional kitchen housing cutting edge appliances, it was a breeze for chefs to cook up enticing cuisines, using only the finest ingredients from Angliss Singapore.  With the combination of fantastic food and visually pleasing aesthetics, it was no surprise that an endless crowd was seen at the Angliss booth throughout the 4-day show.

Last but certainly not the least, special thanks to our esteemed affiliates, partners and celebrity chefs who helped make Angliss Singapore’s FHA exhibition a great success!


Angliss Participates in Celebrating Asia’s Finest Gastronomy 2018


Angliss Singapore was delighted to be the official gourmet purveyor of Asian Masters, a year-long gourmet festival organised by Sphere Exhibits.  

The Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao Best Asian Restaurants Awards – an award presented by Asian Masters to celebrate culinary excellence in Asian Gastronomy –  was recently held at Grand Hyatt Singapore on 16th April 2018.

It saw the announcement of the Top 50 Establishments, where winners walk away with 29 bronze, 22 silver and 3 gold awards. 2 new personality titles were also added this year to honour the best in Asian dining in Singapore.

The grand award ceremony hosted 200 attendees from the Media, F&B Industry influencers, the 50 restaurants’ representatives, sponsors, and readers where everyone gathered and cheered for the winners.

To celebrate the occasion, Chefs from the Singapore Chef Association have helped to whipped up an epicurean spread for the winners and guests using Angliss’ ingredients.

It was truly a great platform for Angliss to showcase the versatility of our top-grade products, and a good opportunity to support local culinary masters in their quest for culinary excellence.