Kansai Exhibition and Kansai Omakase 4-Hands Cooking


Suppliers from the Kansai region gathered for a food exhibition at Maguro-Donya Miura-misaki-Kou  Sushi & Dining on 10th March 2017.   The Kansai Foods Export Cooperative Association (KFE) is aggressively introducing the region’s interesting food, cooking and culture through their exclusive distributor in Singapore, Miumi Japan Food.

Kansai region encompasses Osaka, Kyoto and Nara and has developed into a famous commercial area.  With its long history, Kansai has created its own unique taste and food culture.  One of the very famous and typical dishes of Kyoto is called “Kyo-Ryori”.  This dish utilises the seasonal material cooked with “Dashi” (seasoned soup) and expressing the feeling of 4 seasons and its flavours. Chefs in the Kansai area not only focus on the cooking method, but also on how the dish is decorated and how the customers felt about their dishes.  You could almost say it is an “Art”.

The following day, Kansai Omakase lunch and dinner invitations were sent out to the media and trade partners for a sumptuous food tasting treat at Tamashii Robataya.  A 4-Hands Cooking Omakase by Chef Yukari Tsuchida and Chef Patrick Tan.  Chef Yukari was specially invited from Japan for the event and she has worked for the largest Japanese cooking school and then opened her own school named “Ouchi Café Cooking Studio Midori en”.  Chef Patrick Tan worked for Tatsuya and gone on to start his Tamashii Robatayaki and Boruto restaurants.