Pure South Lamb Demonstration with New Zealand’s top butcher, Corey Winder

Mr Winder is the captain of the Pure South Sharp Blacks, a group of New Zealand’s top six butchers who represent their country in the global arena throughout the year. Mr Winder has led the team to victory on two occasions, bringing the Tri-Nations Butcher’s Challenge trophy home in 2013 and 2014. The experienced butcher, who lives by the keywords of quality, customer service and passion, conducted a two-week visit throughout Asia to meet the major partners of Alliance Group Limited, Hong Kong and Singapore were two of his stops. Alliance Group has been the sponsor of the Pure South Sharp Blacks from 2013.

The highlight of the event was the almost two-hour training and demonstration by Mr Corey Winder. The champion butcher shared his expertise and passion about Pure South products with the audience, introducing them to high-quality cuts of meat which they might not be as familiar with. Mr Winder also updated the participants on the latest trends in Western cuisine, a growing area of interest in the region. Mr Winder’s informative session included demonstrations on the many different ways which retailers could handle, prepare and present red meat. Towards the end of the event, Mr Winder interacted with the audience through an insightful question-and-answer session. The participants contributed their views enthusiastically in a lively discussion regarding the pricing of meat products.

Through the seminar, Alliance Group Limited, Angliss Hong Kong Food Service and Angliss Singapore aimed to refresh, reignite and focus interest on Pure South and its grass-fed lamb and beef. The Pure South tagline of ‘farm fresh to you’ was highlighted and it served as a timely reminder of the natural meat which Alliance Group offered. Alliance Group Limited works hand in hand with Angliss Singapore and Hong Kong as the premier partners supporting and enhancing sales of New Zealand lamb and beef.