Setting Records for the biggest burger in Singapore!

It is Angliss Singapore’s first collaboration with Mandarin Orchard Hotel to create the biggest hamburger in Singapore!

On 9th April 2015, Mandarin Orchard held the official launch of “The Great, Big American Buffet” at Triple Three restaurant with the cutting of a great big burger.

Made up of more than 60kg of beef, 100 whole eggs, 15kg of flour and 5kg of onions, the final product set the new mark in the Singapore Book of Records (SBOR) with the measurements of 82cm by 40cm in size, weighing more than 100kg.

The arduous task of formulating and putting the huge patty together was made possible with the help of Chef David Carew (Group Mgr, Production & Business Development) and Chef Chris Kwan (Sales Executive, Foodservice). Together, with the help of Chef William and Chef Sam from Mandarin Orchard to create the burger bun, the Republic’s largest hamburger was thus created and shared among the amazed diners.