OMI Wagyu extravaganza at Pan Pacific Hotel

In the month of September, Angliss Singapore Pte Ltd is pleased to announce its collaboration with Pan Pacific Hotel’s renowned restaurant, as their exclusive supplier of our delectable range of Japanese OMI Wagyu beef.

Each cut brimming with rich heritage and taste, OMI wagyu was once sold as medicine for the stomach, hips and legs, and even presented to the Shogun (General) of Japan. Today, OMI’s cattle are raised in the rich natural surroundings of the Shiga Prefecture, where Japan’s largest lake – Biwa, provides clear, clean water and feed with an excellent balance of nutrients. The meat obtained from these cattle has a high degree of marbling and is characterised by its unique aroma and tenderness and is highly prized both in Japan and the world alike. OMI Wagyu’s texture is fine and soft and the beef fat are primarily monounsaturated giving the meat its  “melt in the mouth texture”. All OMI cattle are also female, which gives a more tender meat.

For the first time, OMI beef will be offered with a limited serving, as part of the restaurant’s delectable selection. Without a doubt, this exquisite cut of beef promises its tasters a magical experience, and its lingering taste will have them clamouring for more, at which the chefs at Pan Pacific will happily oblige. Accompanied by a wide spread of other mouth-watering dishes and desserts, dining there promises to be a memorable one, which can only be made better with good company and conversation.